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Being Sensitive with Down’s Syndrome ..the to do list

10 year old boy with Down's Syndrome in the sea in West Wales
my boy enjoying the sea before bedtime

The Good Things (you could do) to Help if your friends or family with a young child with Down’s Syndrome. This list is a starting point, gleaned from my own experiences and talking to other parents with children who have D.S:

1. Spend some time. Unconditionally

2. Send a newsy email (can be answered any time, whereas long-winded phone calls may now be difficult)

3. Send some flowers – ready arranged in a basket (won’t cause extra work)

4. Send some nice children’s books/dvds/old videos – second hand but clean and working is fine

5. Sit in the car for half an hour with your friend’s child and play while they go in to the store/post-office to run an errand

6. invite their child over alone and put everything else to one side and just learn to relate for an hour or so. You will reap the rewards if you put in the time

7.make a regular commitment – once a week/month/year? to HELP and actually DO IT! NEVER let them down!

8. take pictures each time you visit, and build up an album of happy memories – then give it to the parent/s

9. offer to go along with them on a shopping trip and spend the time distracting and entertaining their child while your friend makes the purchasing decisions

10. spend an hour helping the child with sensory input – on the swings and slide in your local park, in the swimming pool, on your trampoline or using home-made or old musical instruments

11. Buy a book about Down’s Syndrome for your friend – then READ IT YOURSELF. Before donating it to the local library

12. Make a cartoon/photo story book about you and the child and then fun you have together, and then read and share it with the child

13. Buy appropriate toys from a sensory toys supplier (Google it)

14. FInd out when your friend has a free hour and book them a massage. But don’t just book it, pick them up and drop them off. Follow through

15. When you upgrade you PC/music centre/tv – offer your old (working) equipment to the child

16. Buy shorts and t-shirts, day clothes or PJs – they will fit better than long-sleeved and legged clothes. And make sure the t-shirts are very trendy

17. Arrange for personalised items such as photo-frames with names on, engraved or embroidered items (or do some on your computer or with an online printer like vistaprint – v cheap) – the thought counts and will be loved by the child and the parents

18. Find out what the child is good at and then go and support them doing it – turn up at their disabled gym club, riding classes or sports day. Show you care by turning up! Take pictures! Arrive with a flask of coffee! Help!!

19. Invite the family to a picnic and do all the food – just ask that they turn up and enjoy

20. Invite yourself over – arrive with a takeaway – then just participate and share the love šŸ™‚



Surviving in the remote but glorious Pembrokeshire 'outback' isn't enough - I wanna thrive and feel happy to be alive....I hope my posts make you feel that way too :-)

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