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Give Thanks to the Abyssinians

Classic reggae trio The Abyssinians brought their impressive line up of reggae musicians to accompany their close three-part harmonies, soul and sweet melodies to Narberth (May 24 2013) writes Sarah Hoss and filled local dance venue The Queen’s Hall with their authentic sound of Jamaica with its soulful songs to far away Africa. 



Described as ‘dedicated Rastafarians’ the original line-up formed back in the 60s.The support singer had virtually the entire audience up dancing from track one – setting the scene for the three vintage vocalists to appear and perform their classics.

In between each soulful track, lots of messages of love and long life ‘I’m getting younger every day – just look at my grey hair!’ quipped David Morrison (pictured, centre) helped create a really great vibe for the somewhat select audience – a small but passionate crowd of dancers.

The Abyssinians originally made their name with ‘Satta Massagana’ a deeply spiritual gentle song translated (from the Amharic) as ‘Give Thanks’ which is often heard at Rastafarian services.

They saved this – their best track – til last and sent us all out into a chilly Narberth night with some Caribbean warmth.

Other classic tracks and gently rockin’ tunes (such as ‘African Race’, ‘Declaration of Rights’ and ‘This Land’) kept the crowd in the Queen’s swaying and smiling.

A feel-good gig full of Jamaican spice; I left feeling energised – and lucky to have such an amazing venue with the pull of strong local support to bring musicians of this calibre to the town. Use it or lose it!



Surviving in the remote but glorious Pembrokeshire 'outback' isn't enough - I wanna thrive and feel happy to be alive....I hope my posts make you feel that way too :-)

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