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Crochet Christmas is a labour of love

The Knitting Nanas of Narnia (well, Haverfordwest) have woven magic into the very fabric of the town (see what I did there?) proving that people power will beat fantastic but plastic any day….


The town’s furniture – from traffic bollards to railings to traffic signs, bus stops and nightclub entrances are all cosy and warm now – wrapped up in wool that has been tweaked and teased into all manner of Christmas symbolism.


My favourite is the smiling policeman. Despite the long woolly arm of the law on display some of these crowd-sourced craftworks have been pilfered. One chap received a police caution after a home-knitted item of a Christmas theme was recovered, undamaged – whilst two other thefts are ‘still being investigated’ said the local police.


WANTED photos of some missing artwork were posted onto social media – the addition of some cable ties seems to have down the trick though and even the harshest of west Walian wind and rain seems unable to diminish the delight of these woollen wonders.

When I popped out to snap them the sun peaked out  briefly -showing the yarn colours in all their natural glory. I felt that feel-good factor, a rage against the tyranny of the tinsel.

Befitting austerity, imminent climate change, the bedroom tax and the end of the effectiveness of antibiotics, these home-spun offerings seem so much more appropriate than the tinsel and lights our commercial districts seem to rely on.


Haverfordwest is embracing the new slightly unsure future shared by many small-town commercial districts.

People power – in this case the combined might of the nana knitters – is bringing a wry woolly smile to the brave shoppers and strollers and delighting children with the idea that we can do it for ourselves and keep it low key and lovely; a veritable woolly winter wonderland that tells us all that ‘everything will be OK’.

The idea was suggested by a group of knitters (who of course also run many small businesses in the town). The first Haverfordwest Yarn Bomb was held in the summer to delight locals and holidaymakers so it seemed a natural next step to crochet Christmas too.

Local businesses donated the yarns and wool, whilst the indefatigable knitters of Haverfordwest have done an incredible labour of love, something we can all thank these noble knitters for, especially at Christmas.


To see more photos in my album click here



Surviving in the remote but glorious Pembrokeshire 'outback' isn't enough - I wanna thrive and feel happy to be alive....I hope my posts make you feel that way too :-)

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