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how we ate Facebook (or did it eat us?)

facebookCast your mind back to your first experience of Facebook. Remember the Easter Egg Hunts? I loved finding the little eggs hidden in other people’s profiles. It was the closest I came to playing a game online. I knew that Facebook was luring me in but it was something new and exciting. I was stuck inside with two very demanding young children, alone, in a remote countryside location with scant connectivity. Facebook seemed like a lot of fun. I knew that this was going to become a Big Thing and I wanted to be involved.

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New colts in the stable

Trotting round the county agricultural show of this particular shire I am enjoying and enduring family, familiar fun and attractions that marquee-based organisations offer such events; networking and soaking in the atmosphere of light drizzle and grizzling buggy-tied babies; brass bands, brassy mammas and farmer types; motorised senior citizens on their scooters, city-folks up for the day looking dazed, and the countryside crowd all mingling with the best brawn and beef that this green and lush part of Wales breeds, rides, kills and eats.

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Rude Boy Grows Up

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It was a chance reunion with my school friend Kim in Cardiff that led to me attending the opening night of Rude – not just a Ska Musical, as billed, but a fantastic night out to a Two-Tone gig, a cabaret show, a taste of the Caribbean and a bit of anxious holding onto one’s drink while a bit of an old-fashioned punch-up ensued.  For me, it was also a walk down memory lane – Cardiff-style – that took me right back to the early 80s – the fun, the danger, heartache, the sounds, the moves and the mania.

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