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how we ate Facebook (or did it eat us?)

facebookCast your mind back to your first experience of Facebook. Remember the Easter Egg Hunts? I loved finding the little eggs hidden in other people’s profiles. It was the closest I came to playing a game online. I knew that Facebook was luring me in but it was something new and exciting. I was stuck inside with two very demanding young children, alone, in a remote countryside location with scant connectivity. Facebook seemed like a lot of fun. I knew that this was going to become a Big Thing and I wanted to be involved.

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A World Without Down’s?

I’m a big fan of Helen Fielding’s ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’. When I first read it, some of it felt EXACTLY like my own diary – especially the daily stats on weight; food and alcohol consumption and generalised bitching about this squeeze or that. Well, OK Fielding’s diary was FUNNY!

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It’s Snow Joke

Narberth in the snow
Narberth now resembles Narnia

A flurry of snow and the country grinds to a halt? Well, not really. We’ve had severe weather conditions with deep snow and local councils have certainly been working continuously to try and clear the roads. Schools have been closed, some have been ‘partially’ open, others have opened, then as conditions have deteriorated, closed half way through the day. It’s chaotic, but understandable.

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