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Students that challenge

‘If a new programme works, teachers get little of the credit; if it fails they get most of the blame.’ (Fullan 1991 p117). That pretty much summed up how I felt upon taking on a challenging mixed-ability group as my first proper incursion into the reality of teaching.

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Classroom management strategies (for rookies)

This article reflects upon how effective management strategies have been in my first attempts at whole class teaching. It will also reflect on the relationship between my teaching practice and professional/personal development. Continue reading “Classroom management strategies (for rookies)”

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Teaching the art of teaching. Or is it science?

The benefit of education was summarized quite brilliantly by Kendra Todd, the winner of the United States TV show ‘The Apprentice’ in her final pitch to tycoon Donald Trump: ‘in life you get to learn by your own mistakes, but in college you get to learn by other people’s mistakes.’ To which she heard those immortal words: ‘You’re hired!’  (NBC shown on BBC2 Oct 06).

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