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Shhh….it’s the Down’s Syndrome social media report

Undercover in the secret groups saving Down’s Syndrome with our Shmedia Correspondent Sarah Hoss

(an abbreviated version of this blog is published in the official Down Syndrome Association Journal Feb 2015.)

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The road from Rebecca to a new digital democracy

Note: I’m posting this on my personal blog so that I can freely express my opinion and probably also expose my rudimentary knowledge of social history. I didn’t study History at University, indeed, I left school at 16 and only graduated as a grown-up mum a few years ago. Therefore, this piece may stagger across the cobbles of time on precarious high heels – and I may end up falling over. But at the risk of going posterior over decolletage, I feel a polemic coming on.Here it is. It gets up my nose when I hear (mainly) English politicians banging on about ‘Big Society’. Even though, like Mothercare and Apple Strudel how could one possibly object to such high moral aspirations? Continue reading “The road from Rebecca to a new digital democracy”

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PLANED helps plan for Narberth

‘Come and help shape the future of your community’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. On a balmy, sunny evening I headed up to the Bloomfield Centre in Narberth (June 19th 2013)- wondering if I’d be reporting on the workshop as a journalist or participating as a member of the community. As tends to happen, I ended up doing a bit of both.

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It’s Snow Joke

Narberth in the snow
Narberth now resembles Narnia

A flurry of snow and the country grinds to a halt? Well, not really. We’ve had severe weather conditions with deep snow and local councils have certainly been working continuously to try and clear the roads. Schools have been closed, some have been ‘partially’ open, others have opened, then as conditions have deteriorated, closed half way through the day. It’s chaotic, but understandable.

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Worldskills – the Pembrokeshire perspective

10/10/2011: When an opportunity came about to compete for a place showcasing specialist skills at a major event I volunteered to write the pitch for Pembrokeshire College’s boatbuilding department.

We had a rare chance to showcase the work of one of our departments – MITEC –  as part of an international skills and careers fair – probably the biggest ever held in the world – at Worldskills London 2011 at the Excel.












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TIme to recognise skills – Worldskills

It’s been a busy week – I have just returned from an enjoyable, exhausting and informative week working at the biggest event I’ve ever been involved in. And I’ve been involved with a few, from community events in wild west Wales to international expo’s in Paris and Jeddah. This one, the Worldskills finals, held in the gigantic and palatial halls of the Excel in London’s Docklands, was big in every regard. Big in message. Big in energy. Big in noise. Big in confidence. And Big in national pride.


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