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Shhhh it’s all on social media

A sneak peek into the secret world of social media

And how it’s saving Down’s syndrome

By Sarah Hoss

Down's is a medical term; not my label. Social media is being successfully leveraged to help society improve its attitude towards disability.
Down’s is a medical term; not my label. Social media is being successfully leveraged to help society improve its attitude towards disability.












Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.) – or ‘Shmedia’ as I like to call it – is saving Down’s syndrome.

That’s a very bold statement. Stay with me, and I will show you how. But first, a little personal history:I was holed up in a leaky caravan in remote west Wales when I first began searching online for information and inspiration about Down’s syndrome. I was involved in a restoration project at the time. As a family we had a temporary caravan base for work and living space. Outside I was growing my own vegetables and keeping livestock. Sounds idyllic? I found it very tough.

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Living with DS. My life’s nice! How’s yours then?

I wrote this a while back but I stand by it all. Tomorrow is World Down’s Syndrome Day – so I’m reblogging to raise awareness. Peace and love 🙂

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My daughter and disabled son all dressed up for a weddiing We do occasionally get invited – and we do dress appropriately 🙂

It can be a tough road, with many potholes along the way. A great deal of information about what a disaster Down’s Syndrome can be is available already online. I don’t intent adding to it! Instead, I prefer to accept that for many, their mindset is such that they will never manage to get over their own discomfort and that becomes a barrier for them in seeing beyond the disability to the person and the valuable life that they are leading.

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The road from Rebecca to a new digital democracy

Note: I’m posting this on my personal blog so that I can freely express my opinion and probably also expose my rudimentary knowledge of social history. I didn’t study History at University, indeed, I left school at 16 and only graduated as a grown-up mum a few years ago. Therefore, this piece may stagger across the cobbles of time on precarious high heels – and I may end up falling over. But at the risk of going posterior over decolletage, I feel a polemic coming on. Here it is. It gets up my nose when I hear (mainly) English politicians banging on about ‘Big Society’. Even though, like Mothercare and Apple Strudel how could one possibly object to such high moral aspirations? Continue reading “The road from Rebecca to a new digital democracy”

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New colts in the stable

Trotting round the county agricultural show of this particular shire I am enjoying and enduring family, familiar fun and attractions that marquee-based organisations offer such events; networking and soaking in the atmosphere of light drizzle and grizzling buggy-tied babies; brass bands, brassy mammas and farmer types; motorised senior citizens on their scooters, city-folks up for the day looking dazed, and the countryside crowd all mingling with the best brawn and beef that this green and lush part of Wales breeds, rides, kills and eats.

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PLANED helps plan for Narberth

‘Come and help shape the future of your community’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. On a balmy, sunny evening I headed up to the Bloomfield Centre in Narberth (June 19th 2013)- wondering if I’d be reporting on the workshop as a journalist or participating as a member of the community. As tends to happen, I ended up doing a bit of both.

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Dorothy sings another song

It was disillusion with the current cinema releases that led me, on a rare evening out, to my local theatre in Milford Haven to witness the telling of a story of lust, betrayal and glamour that characterised the life of 1940s Welsh singing star Dorothy Squires (in the Sherman Theatre’s touring production of ‘Say It With Flowers’ writes Sarah Hoss).

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Energy of youth raises funds and hopes

It was a tale of two cultures this evening as I hot-footed it up to the rural village of Boncath in the Preseli’s  to the Urdd Eisteddfod, (where my youngest was performing) – while a few miles away another group of youngsters was preparing to showcase the songs, dancing and beats of their home village too – from Madadeni, South Africa.

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