sarah-tedxThis is not a one-subject blog.  I have opinions that change over time. I enjoy reflecting. I feel myself responding to events. Sometimes I want to share those feelings. I have spent a long time reading blogs about so many subjects. Now I want to have a go. Here you will find some of my thoughts on raising a child with a severe learning disability, educating teenagers, my response to some gigs I’ve attended, village life, how to enhance the reputation of skills training. I told you it was random. 

Feel free to browse, leave some (positive) feedback too if you have the time.


“It’s not about where you are…it’s about what’s on your mind.”


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. love this blog Sarah…I too keep a varied subject blog about life homesteading in interior – “off grid” – bush Alaska, in general and life with my little downey man, in particular.
    My mum was born in Pembrokshire, but I was born in Argentina…plan to visit Wales soon…thanks for sharing a corner of your life. Best wishes from Alaska to you and yours.
    griselda (alaskamama)


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